• dont know how you mean to call them out on here?
    in the 'real' world -call them out on the road with a sarky comment?, as you witness someone rljing in front of traffic that has the right of way whilst waiting yourself at a red, shortly after overtake them cos they are shit slow, pushing huge gear on the flat , something like "nice red light jumping fucko, didnt get you very far did it, why not observe the same rules as evryone else you dullard"
    Im always saying to cyclists on the pavement
    "what are you 10 mate? get off the pavement"
    sounds moody^,
    but gotta say as well that at the mo, having plenty good moments where I just hang back, see who is going to go, if the driver then waves ya on, because ya both slowed down its such a win, its like, "yes, we got time to live"
    thats the problem, no one got the time to live round here.


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