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  • amazing to see this catalogue- thanks for posting.

    i've recently picked up an f h scott from ebay.

    mine is the special continental model with fancy nervex lugs and 531db tubing. i was told it was made in 1959 .

    comes what look like original gb maes bars, gb spearpoint stem, seatpost and brooks saddle, but 1970s suntour cyclone mechs, sakae chainset, and weineman 999 brakes.

    i think it's been repainted at some point and even that is pretty rough silver hiding under a layer of sticky yellow gunk

    i only bought it because it was really cheap (£58) and i thought i could make a bit of fast dosh with it, but i can't bare to get rid.

    it was designed for 27" wheels and even with the long reach brakes the pad won't reach the braking surface of a 700c at the front.

    it came with heavy steel rims- i think i'm just going to make a drop-bolt and fit some modern rims, rather than settle for overpriced and substandard NOS.

    i'll stick some photos on when i've got it up and running.


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