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  • During my last build I found all the chainline databases to be extremely frustrating when trying to use them to help set up a new configuration and helping to decide the component choice and spindle lenght etc. to get back to a specific chainline.
    More often than not you'll have either the front or back (or part of) already purchased or you have a specific component/s in mind and would like to know what chainline they will produce before fitting/buying...
    Also listing what components you have and "work for you" front and back is pointless without actual measurements as some times you can get away with a 5mm difference and sometimes you just can't. I don't know why...

    The listings below are from specific entries from the other databases where actual numbers were listed, but again only an indicative "chainline" was given with all components listed. I have my doubts that both the front and the back would be exactly the same but it will at least give a ball park figure and therefore in Italic

    ***Front ***

      **Chainline   =   Crank   +   BB   =   User       **

    39.5mm = Sakae SX (inside chainring) + Shimano UN54(68mm shell) 107mm = lessmann

    *42mm = Dotek FG-PRO6-170 (Inside chainring) + BBUN26 68x113mm = xroads
    42mm = IRD (Interlock Racing) Defiant + Shimano UN54 107mm = Weslito
    42mm = Shimano sora double + Prestine threadless 110.5 = Bernhard
    42mm = SR Sakae + Shimano UN54/118mm = ChrisNW
    44mm = Sugino RD + Sugino/103mm = ChrisNW
    45mm = Dura Ace 7600 + Campag Veloce 115.5 =
    46.5mm = Sugino XD silver TRIPLE (Inside Chainring) + UN54/107mm = rogerzilla
    46.5mm = Sugino XD black DOUBLE + UN54/107mm = rogerzilla
    46mm = Miche (Condor-branded) + Miche 107mm (cups adjusted 2mm towards drivechain) = eeehhhh

      47mm   =   White Industries    +    Phil 111mm   =    Eyebrows       *
      ***Rear   ***
      **Chainline   =   Hub   +   Cog   =   User       **

    42mm = SJS double fixed + Halo cog = lessmann

    *42mm = OnOne small flange double fixed hub + Miche1/8sprocket =

      42mm   =    SJS (SystemEx et al)    +    Dura Ace/Andel    =   ChrisNW       

    42mm = Dia Compe Gran + EAI = Weslito
    42mm = on-one dble fixed + on one = Bernhard
    42mm = SJS (SystemEx et al) + Andel = ChrisNW
    46.5mm = Dura-Ace 1/8" + Goldtec = rogerzilla
    46mm = Goldtec + EAI 1/8" = eeehhhh
    47mm = LeVeL 135 + LeVeL = Eyebrows*


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