• wow. everybody entitled to opinion obv, but as Johnny says he's open to offers, and if people think it's priced too much for it's condition then fair dooz, I'm sure if someone likes it they'll make an appropriate offer. And if people think they one bike is an awful colour thats their opinion too, especially if it's in response to a question! no need to get so personal tho eh

    Not a dodgy sale at all, I can vouch for Johnny as can a lot of people on here. People buy bikes they like the look of, ride them then decide they don't like them and so sell them on. And if people make mistakes in pricing (as I have done in the past), it's better to point them in the right pricing direction in a friendly, non-sardonic manner (as some people already have done in this thread). Otherwise it's just unecessary pissing off.

    Good luck with the sale dude

    There's no sardonic manner here, at all. Various people shared the same opinion that Johnny's bike is overpriced, it is also dented, and by no means you can justify to price a bike
    for looks rather than quality... and try to get away with it. Here. And he's breaking the rules.
    The right way has been pointed out but instead the OP referred to Tika's bike as being less valuable (by £150!!!), than his... which, once again, it's fucking dented!!!!!
    Alone, this^ shows how much about bikes goes on around here, it's more about looks, and skids.
    But seriously, good luck with your sale.


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