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  • We don't really have moderators on LFGSS, what we have instead are volunteers who help administer the site either across the whole site (myself and hippy) or within sub forums (lots of people with specialist knowledge of those forums). You can see who these people are on this page:

    This thread is a place in which you can put merge requests, or in which we can put notices of things that we've done. It's a start at trying to make it more transparant what we do without quite needing to be a burden to us (we're not going to spend time announcing every thread merge but exceptional stuff we'll try and remember to announce).

    First up though is a notice to other mods.

    Could mods please leave a 7 day expiring redirect when they merge threads. This is because new threads are tweeted over on twitter ( @lfgss ) and if you merge without leaving a redirect then people click through and end up on error pages. Merging with an expiring redirect will push click-throughs over to the thread into which you had merged the content. So please use the expiring redirects.


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