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  • I suppose Blogs count as media so here is this:­icular-cyclists-secret-sect.html

    God knows where to start with it.
    I see what they are getting at, but I don't think that have gone about it the right way.
    I agree that infrastructure encourages people to cycle, but once you learn how to ride in traffic you don't rely on that infrastructure, you can often see flaws in the execution more clearly. The article uses cycle lanes as an example: *"and actually spin it to the extreme, calling bicycle lanes 'dangerous' ". *Cycle lanes aren't dangerous, but they can and do often put you in a dangerous position. Once you learn effective road positioning you are able to see where this occurs and take measures to avoid it.
    It's a shame they aren't more balanced because I get the impression the answer is six of one and half a dozen of the other. But they seem more intent on discrediting a specific group, rather than encouraging everyone to get on their bikes and ride.


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