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  • Nice read. r.e first article:-
    when reaching the comments you come across natural ambivalence from individuals as you might expect, however before that it reads like crystal, the piece describes what we do as individuals, just in the context of groups.
    Politicising it, and labelling it may be what some riders would want, after all, biking has become politicised in a way, how could it not?- under the pressure with which we operate daily in this country.
    As to whether we need to start mobilising here as the featured group seems to have,
    just riding in town the other day would make me say yes,
    (W'loo, -K-Town, H-stead, City, E&C, Brixton, Dulwich)
    the ASLs are a joke, the Superhighways pitiable.
    We will see.


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