• I went into Decathlon today to view the Sport 1. They didn't have any of the smaller sizes so they've ordered a size 48 and a 51 for me to try. I suspect the 51 might be a tad big as the standover height was rather too close for comfort. Love the wheels though! I think it will take a couple of weeks before I get my mits on it. I'll also see if I can track down a Trek 1.2 to try and report back.

    Interestingly enough Decathlon do 650c wheels as a flat bar. Sizes are 45, 48 and 5. Not enamoured of the colour scheme though (white and a bit flowery, but I'm a picky sod).

    I tried the 45 on Sat, just for fun(!) and felt that the stretch was too far for me (weird as it's my legs that are short, not my body!). It may have been that the saddle was up way too high for me which was causing the stretch, but thought it was worth a mention. Agree about the colour scheme, btw!