• I realise there's not a topic for those who need a 650c bicycle, so this would be a good place to list them;

    Fuji Track 650c (track)
    IRO Mark V HD (track)
    Pro Lite TheOne Mini Race (road bike)
    Trek 1.2
    B'TWIN Sport 1
    Islabikes (any bikes, like the luath 26)
    Cervelo P1/2/3
    Argon 18 Xenon 650
    Dawes Espoir 2010 Kid's Bike

    Framebuilder like Roberts can easily build a frame that'll fit you perfectly, with 650c or 26" wheels.

    I didn't list the price and link of where to buy them as they can change over time, but most of them shouldn't be hard to find, even your local Evans may able to order some in.

    If anyone know anymore 650c bicycles that's suitable for those under 5'3, do list them here, the more information, the better.

    (picture shown IRO Mark V HD 650c with a normal sized bicycle)


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