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  • Hi everyone,
    I'm new on here. My boyf mentioned that there's this new and wonderful female specific forum on here now, so although I don't ride a fixie or ss (yet), hope it's ok for me to be here!
    I ride a custom Paul Hewitt frame and it took us ages to find it. I'm a teeny 5'1" and my inside leg is only 27", so trying to get a bike to fit is really difficult!

    Hey, LittleHeather! You don't have to ride a fixed/ss bike to be on this forum, it was just set up for us riders b/c there are already a lot of geared forums out there. I ride fixed, ss, and geared at the moment, depending on what I plan to be doing on the bike! If you aren't happy with your bike at present, and want a little bike, try a Surly Steamroller, they come in 49 cm, which I think might be your size. I ride 52 cm and my inseam is 30". There are other brands that sell 48cm. Whoo, that's a tiny bike!

    Well, look forward to meeting you at an event someday, this is why Nhatt and Clefty started this! Very exciting to see results already. : )


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