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  • Ok, well I suppose I should pipe up as well..

    I spent most of my childhood on my red and yellow bmx - but didn't get properly back into cycling until about 6 years ago, when I bought a bike off ebay as a cheap way to get around when I was out of work, I got hooked. As soon as I got a job I sold my bike and bought a new one - gradually I started riding to and from work, then I bought my first fixed gear bike, and here I am.

    I've been on a fair few forum rides, and have organised a few ladies rides in the last year or so - and I'd like to organise some more. I'd also like this to be a one stop shop for women specific cycling information, collating all the great information that is already on here into one big resource.

    You'll usually find me at South Beers on Monday and I can also confirm, that Nhatt is not really that scary at all.


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