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  • I've lost about 2 stone this year. I'd been living in the countryside and having to drive everywhere, and having an emotionally trying time so tending to eat a lot and drink plenty of alcohol. So I got quite lardy. Moved back to the city and a decent length cycle commute plus doing the school run with two small children on a bike trailer, and it seemed like a good moment to lose a bit of weight.
    To be honest, there was absolutely no special magic about losing the weight - just lots more exercise and lots less food. I've been doing the dieting in short-ish bursts - 2-3 weeks at a time. Your body goes into famine mode after a while if you eat less than you need, hoarding fat and refusing to give you much energy, so prolonged diets are troublesome - you just feel knackered all the time and can't ride very hard. When I've been dieting, I eat all the same food I normally eat - bread, pasta, rice, whatever - just less of it. But no sugar, no food between meals, and not much cheese (I'm a vegetarian anyway). I don't really go with the demonisation of carbohydrates - they're the primary fuel that your muscles burn, so if you're riding enough they're all good.