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  • From KattieP

    Been meaning to do this for a while. I had my cycle training last saturday. All in all - glad I did it. My trainer was extremely passionate and enthuastic about the whole thing. She gave me a call beforehand and asked what I wanted to get out of it. I said I was a fairly experienced cyclist. She suggested we cycle a bit of my route to work which made great sense since I do it 2x a day.
    Anyway - we started out in Brockwell park with her assessing my basic skills (ability to look over both shoulders, and emergency swerves/stops). Then we went onto some quite streets and talked about filtering into traffic and what is best for different situations. Doing the route to work was really helpful and I now realise my lane positioning at lights (esp around Kennington) should be more central. She pointed out to me that I shouldn't always try to get in front of cars at lights and that sometimes that just pis*es drivers off and achieves nothing. Very important to assess traffic both ahead and behind you.
    All in all a really useful couple of hours and for the measley sum of £8 (thanks to lambeth council subsidising it), I highly recommend - everyone would get something out of it.


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