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  • Sorry for NOT utfs so deeply...

    Has there ever been an action to design a LFGSS summer cap and have forum members order some?
    Like T-shirts and racing jerseys?

    Wouldn't mind to order 25 or 50 at a time for personal use if they look cool resp. neutral and (I'm dutch) are not that expensive.

    If there has not been something like this, time for some action?

    • design contest
    • someone can collect orders from members
    • for sure someone has connections in bike trade and get get a good deal

    Forgive me if this was already done.
    If these can still be ordered, can someone point me into the right direction ?

    Or will the right SJS link pop up automatically, when I release this post ?

    [edit by Velocio]
    LFGSS Summer Caps are available here:

    This is what they look like: