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  • If you keep a training diary and log your sleep and waking pulse you will soon see a patten forming that will give you all the clues of a cold/illness approaching long before you get show any symptoms.

    If you back off your training then and get some good rest you often find the illness passed really quick and you can get back to training.

    Training while your body is fighting an illness is only gonna make the body tired and so it will take longer to fight off the illness.

    eg: If your waking pulse is between 44 and 46bpm and you wake to find you have a pulse of 51bpm yet you have had the normal amount of sleep and you training the day before was not intense you need to keep an eye on your rest. Take it easy that day any get an early night. If it's still high the next day you probably have an illness in the wings... back off the training let the body do it's work.

    What he said, over resting is always better than over training