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  • hey guys, just saying that there have always been two tubing options, oversize 631 and more expensive oversize 853. both are awesome, we've been beating the crap out of ours (631) no problem and tony fast is rocking the 853 over in 'merica

    I appreciate that the possibility of a more affordable ESB is pretty exciting, and we may have something in the works, but of course everything must be tested and proven more than adequate, business stuff must happen, spots must get shralped and loads of other stuff before anything can be confirmed. It's an essential process in order to 14bikeco to supply the best possible service

    all I can say is that the best way to keep up with all the news is either to visit us in store or to check the blog once in a while - I try and keep it relatively informative

    thanks all for all the help and support!


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