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  • Ha.

    Quite a few people on here will know where this is.

    Let's see if they want to play.

    Edit much later--links to the BtoB maps:

    map p1
    map p2

    Original post by oat44:

    map p1
    map p2
    Best to sign out of your google account when viewing

    • to see all previous tags at once
    • to avoid accidently moving the place markers when you move the map around (has happened a lot recently)

    I won't be able to update it for a few days, if anyone would like to have a go, feel free ;-)
    prepare links and captions beforehand to avoid disappointment when saving goes bad

    p.s. cunning tip, found a way to search words on the map: click 'print' and it lists all the text in a searchable page

    p.p.s not naggin :)