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  • Hi

    I copied this from my motorcycle forum.

    Basically they are tagging their motorcycle from one location to another. They take a photo of the same spot as the last poster and then take a pic of wherever they want.

    I don't think it has been done on here yet. I hope it can be done.


    Bicycle must be in pic.
    1 clue only.


    Clue: Red Cross lol

    Whoops the title is abit fucked lol. Can it be changed to '2010 Bicycle Tag' perhaps? Oh and I am not sure how to resize the pic. Sorry


    Playing Bike Tag

    • Look at last tag
    • If you know it, or can find out... get yourself and your bike there
    • Take photo of your bike at the location
    • Go elsewhere and take a photo of your bike at another location
    • Post both photos on here
    • Tell people where the old tag was
    • Don't tell people where the new tag is
    • If needed (obviously non-obvious), offer obscure clues as to the new tag location

    Bike Tag Guidelines:

    1. Old and new tags must have the same bicycle
    2. Old tag isn't taken until the new tag is posted (post them at the same time)
    3. Tags must be within London (limits are the North and South Circular roads)
    4. Tag locations must be freely accessible to the public
    5. No reflection porn
    6. No blank or near blank walls
    7. No hogging the game

    Map of Tags
    All tags are being tracked in a Google Map:

    Anyone can update that... so please do so if you notice it becoming stale.

    Please log out of Google when viewing the map

    • to view all tags at once
    • to keep the pins where they are

    Thank you. Oat44.

    Skully: 'Wait, there's a map?!'

    Blog of Tags
    There's also a blog of all images:

    whatok updates that.

    Thank you to Oliver for resurrecting the game. Thank you all for contributing, it is a pleasure to read and see your BTOB.


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