• I just had a call from CID regarding an incident in October where a driver attempted to ram me and chased me from Victoria to Brixton because he did not feel I should be allowed to cycle on the road (he kept shouting that I should be in a cycle lane on a road where there was no cycle lane!).

    Frustratingly the police reviewed the CCTV but a couple of the cameras were out of action and one had been turned to face the wrong direction, so there is nothing to corroborate my account. However the officer is still going to visit the driver and will be giving him a strict verbal warning.

    We got chatting and the officer was very clear that it is worth reporting incidents of dangerous driving and aggressive behaviour. The report will stay on the persons file and if there are subsequent incidents the fact that the person has previous reports of dangerous driving etc will be taken into account when they are considering what course of action to take.

    I actually confessed to the officer that a couple of weeks ago I had removed the badge from a Mercedes after the driver repeatedly tried to nudge me out of his way, the officer was quite sympathetic.

    I find it funny to be posting this, as on my way to work today I saw the police fining RLJers on High St Ken so I shouted "for christs sake, get a real job or actually bust real criminals" as I pedalled past.

    edited to add the revised roadsafe link - you can now link to video footage too


    you can report dangerous drivers via this website, i have even used it to report a poorly driven police car

    An interesting piece on submitting video footage to roadsafe

    Oh yes, I finally wrote up the email I got from roadsafe over a year ago about how to give them a video sucessfully - linky to my blog post on it - http://goo.gl/cNN1V

    edit 04/03/2015

    @benjam on here has also set up a data capturing website for incidents and near misses.



    Please also add details to it.