• I've signed up with 4 friends for the Blenheim triathlon. Our individual skills are as follows:
    Me) Riding a singlespeed (need higher GI) I can swim and haven't run ever. Smoker
    Dan) Doesn't own a bike yet, runs regularly and can swim a bit.
    Greg) Runs marathons, cycles with a club at weekends and does 3 -4 hours a day and cannot swim.
    Steve) Doesn't own a bike yet, doesn't run and can swim a bit.
    Dai) Doesn't own a bike yet, can swim as well as me and is a fat chef who can't run. Smoker.

    Perhaps we are being a bit ambitious, but we have a winner takes all bet, so it should be fun. I hadn't realised how much effort and cost is involved in doing one of these.
    Anyone in East London want to coach / train with me?


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