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  • Can someone sticky this please, and move it to the correct forum if this one isn't right.

    Ok, a few people have asked, so here is a definitive way of posting pictures on the forum.

    Step 1.
    Go to a website such as Photobucket (you will need to register an account), Imageshack (no account needed), Flickr (you need to register) or Tinypic (no account needed).

    Step 2.
    Upload your photo.

    Step 3.
    Copy the direct link to the image, not the "HTML code", "Widget code" or anything else.
    You can use the "IMG code" like you get on TinyPic.
    Update: On Imageshack the "forum code" works.

    With photobucket, you can choose a "clickable thumbnail" link if you click on Share then Get Link Code. Which produces something like this

    On Flickr, you need to click on the image, then click View All Sizes then you can right click on the image and choose "Copy Image URL". If this doesn't work, it is because the uploader has chosen not to let people share it.

    Step 4.
    Put that image URL into IMG tags. To do this you can either click the word 'image' at the top of the reply box then enter the image URL into the little pop up. Once you click OK, the image url will be automatically put in IMG tags and put in your reply.
    You can also enter the tags yourself, simply put

    ![ optional name ]( image url)

    Things to be careful of.
    If you put too may pictures in a thread, I think it's over about 15, then it will get flagged as spam and you will have to wait for an admin to approve the post.
    If the pictures are too large then they automatically get turned into a link, even with the IMG tags, so try and keep them under 1020px wide.

    Click 'Upload a file' at the bottom of the reply box and select a file to upload, there's a 30mb limit and the size limits still apply. I'm yet to work out a way to show these uploaded images inline with the text, by default they will be listed at the bottom of your post.

    Posting a picture from Instagram:
    (This assumes you're using the Chrome browser, if you're not then it may be slightly different)
    Open the image by clicking on it from the account's page, this will open in a pop up like this:­
    Then right click on the image and select Inspect. This will open the developer console and show you the HTML of the page. Almost certainly the element you just clicked on is just below the one you need in the HTML, so look at the line above with the little arrow on the left, click it to expand the child line and you should see an element. What you need to copy is the URL from the src="" part. There will be two URLs on that img element, ignore the first and just use the src one.

    <img alt="Image may contain: bicycle and outdoor" class="FFVAD" decoding="auto" sizes="600px" srcset="https://scontent-lht6-1.cdninsta­­40/67240734_188579972143349_822316996925­9318931_n.jpg?_nc_ht=scontent-lht6-1.cdn­;_nc_cat=105&amp;_nc_oh­c=E8XubqFquj4AX8LcOmo&amp;oh=8642632a3e2­451fe1a7f2948d6b9d62c&amp;oe=5EA41D6F 640w,https://scontent-lht6-1.cdninstagra­­67240734_188579972143349_822316996925931­8931_n.jpg?_nc_ht=scontent-lht6-1.cdnins­;_nc_cat=105&amp;_nc_ohc=E­8XubqFquj4AX8LcOmo&amp;oh=70b4960b79dc57­65a22edfe3c01d674f&amp;oe=5E98606F 750w,https://scontent-lht6-1.cdninstagra­­72143349_8223169969259318931_n.jpg?_nc_h­;_­nc_cat=105&amp;_nc_ohc=E8XubqFquj4AX8LcO­mo&amp;oh=a024890d4e092e8e436bcf8e994f92­51&amp;oe=5E9E7A8A 1080w" src="https://scontent-lht6-1.cdninstagra­­72143349_8223169969259318931_n.jpg?_nc_h­;_­nc_cat=105&amp;_nc_ohc=E8XubqFquj4AX8LcO­mo&amp;oh=a024890d4e092e8e436bcf8e994f92­51&amp;oe=5E9E7A8A" style="object-fit: cover;">

    Just copy the url from that and past it into an image tag on here, e.g. ! [] ( url)

    Posting a picture from ebay:
    On any ebay auction, click on the picture in the top left so that it opens up in another tab or window.
    Then right click and click "view page source". This will open another window or tab with a load of code.
    Your browser should hopefully underline the links to pictures and write them in blue (Chrome certainly does).
    The link you are looking for is after "src=" and will look something like this "$­(KGrHqNHJBEE9ps,tP3nBPmqhkDfv!~~60_12.JP­G"
    It is about the 3rd link in the list of code.
    That link will be for the picture that is currently selected to view larger, so to get a different one you must enlarge another picture then click "view page source" again.
    Then you just put that image between tag like mentioned earlier.

  • Go to a website such as Photobucket (you will need to register an account), Imageshack (no account needed), Flickr (you need to register) or Tinypic (no account needed).

    Photobucket link =
    Tinypic is no more.


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