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  • Oh my! That is beautiful.

    I love this Guzzi too:

    About the Zagato Guzzi

    Here are my bikes:
    This is my Vespa 125 Primavera ET3, with a ported Polini 130 engine.

    This is an old photo. It hasn't been on the road in 5 years. It broke down once too often, I bought a Honda and never looked back. When I move out of the East End I'll get it restored.

    After passing my test I bought this Honda VRX 400 Roadster. This was a really nice bike, though its age was really starting to show.

    Almost a year ago I replaced the Honda with this beautiful Triumph Thruxton 900. Shortly afterwards I started cycling to work and have hardly ridden it. It is very hard work to ride, and the gearbox cooks your left leg in traffic. But it looks so pretty and the noise it makes is magical and demonic.


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