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  • I left my house in Clapton at 5.30am, towards Stansted, had a 8.30am flight to Madrid; later another connection to Lisbon at 5pm. Around 9am!!!... after everyone panicking for no news (ryanair), we were inform by the airport staff there was no flights till 11.30am. At 11.00am another announcement, nothing till 12.50. Finally the plane arrived, apparently the weather in Madrid was/is terrible, so no going outs, no going ins. Everyone boarded quickly into the plane and again, the captin "due to weather conditions we'll only take off in about 1h40m...ha!!..jokers[strike]fuckers[/str­ike]. After another scene of shouting lasting around an hour something, we took off at 3pm... arrived in Madrid at 6pm(local time).. no more plane to Lisbon; option?: £370 to do madrid/lisbon, one way, Iberia. Options, coach for €40 at 7am, tomorrow.
    So hre I am, sitting on the floor of Madrid famous Barajas Aeropuerto... me and thousands more, and news crews, the all circus. People crying, people shouting.... xmas joy.
    Easyjet's and Ryanair's desks have a police "cord" around, the Q is of about 1h30m to be heard/ignored/laugh at... wanted to save some squid (about 350 quid london lisbon in november), so paid 150(+40 now) and will do it in 36hrs. Ha, fck me!
    This looks like a refugee camp...

    this is it...


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