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  • Dogs? Don't get me started...

    I have to walk my two dogs down to the tow path from home, about a quarter mile away down a quiet horseshoe of residential road. It's an ice rink right now, so no way was I putting the dogs on leads (choco lab and lurcher cross: dogs on lead-ice on roads-guaranteed hip smash). So ponse in a car drives past (too fast for ice) and gives me this look of derision for having dogs not under control, when his car was under even less control.

    Can anyone explain to me why it is that just because some town planner decided to dump a stretch of tarmac on some pristine countryside, every driver from that day onwards thinks it's his/her God given right to act like some kind of fascist, quite willing to mow people (or dogs) down because '*my car is on a road, and everything else has to stay out of my way or I'll kill it because this is MY DOMAIN*' Assholes.


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