• One of my early wheels had spokes slightly too short on non-drive side (I got caught out in my calcs by a single-fixed hub demanding a slight dish), and was a shag to get the last ones to take the threads, like you experienced. I did do it, and it trued okay, but this wheel failed eventually at the nipples, due to not having enough thread engaged. Moral of the story 1 - if you think they are a bit short, they probably are, and go and buy 2mm longer ones.

    Another one of my other early wheels ended with valve hole in the wrong place too, like yours. This is still in daily use and just needs a little more concentration when using a pump. I know it is not "correct", but technically it is strong and fine wheel and I can't be bothered to re-do it. Moral of the story 2 - fahgeddaboudit

    Chapeau to you for wheel building, don't lose heart it is very satisfying in the long run.



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