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    So I've finally built my first set of wheels: Ambrosio large flange track hubs (32hl) with Rigida Flyer Rims.

    I've replaced spokes and trued wheels on my mtn bike before and so I wasn't a complete novice to the process.

    However, I'm not totally convinced I've done the job properly and so I was hoping for an appraisal.

    On the front wheel, I know that with the two spokes either side of the valve hole I didn't line them up in parallel to the hub - this may cause a small problem with tyre inflation but I didn't think it significant enough to restart.

    On the rear wheel, for some reason, towards the end of the lacing process, I had difficulty getting some of the spokes to reach the nipples - it required some pulling of the hub to get the spokes to reach. Anyway, I eventually got them in.

    Now, is there anything I've missed...

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