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  • I've only ever used the pavement when I know the road, I can see its clear, and there are absolutely no pedestrians in my way, and most of the time when I have used it, this has been to avoid those stupid flipping railing/barrier things that make it impossible to filter close to the curb in heavy traffic, and to snake off down a side road.
    Although I was far more inconsiderate when I had my trick bike as it was no big deal for me to bash it around and hop off of stuff etc, so it was all too easy to jump up and down curbs etc, now my fixed is a lot more sensible and not as stupidly beefy as my old bike, I have been taking it easier with all the hopping up and down shit all the time, that gets saved for the "other bike".
    However on the flip side......this bike is a lot faster than the trick machine, has a very powerful brake up front, and I actually get places quicker than I did previously without pulling off as many illegal moves in the process :)


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