• I'm 100% with spindrift.

    Sure, like RPM said, there are individuals using all modes of transport (including feet), who seem willfully unaware (is that a paradox?) of all the other travellers around them.

    But, more than anything else, the focus has to shift to i) the sheer volume of HGVs on urban thoroughfares, and ii) the lawless and reckless manner in which they're operated by drivers and their companies.

    These endless variants of the same article - what are the cyclists doing wrong? - only serve to reinforce the way (enforcement of) the law views operating motor vehicles as an inherently blameless activity.

    And my feelings on the matter aren't purely from a cycling perspective either. As an inhabitant of London, I'm appalled by the environmental havoc wreaked by large numbers of HGVs, and quite frightened, frankly, by the spectacle of them charging around the place without a care in the world.