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  • They were random stops:

    City of London [Police] spot checks on HGVs [were] carried out on 30
    September 2008 as part of the Europe-wide Operation Mermaid2, which is
    intended to step up levels of enforcement of road safety laws in
    relation to lorries.
    On this one day, 12 lorries were stopped randomly by City Police. Five
    of those lorries were involved in the construction work for the 2012
    Olympics. All of the twelve lorries were breaking the law in at least
    one way

    Repeat: a 100 per cent criminality rate among small random sample of
    HGVs on the streets of central London. The offences range included
    overweight loads (2 cases), mechanical breaches (5 cases), driver
    hours breaches (5 cases), mobile phone use while driving (2 cases),
    driving without insurance (2 cases) and no operator license (1 case).

    3 women have been killed by collisions with lorries so far this year.
    I doubt that being able to turn left on red would have enabled any of
    the 3 to avoid the collisions that killed them.

    Meryem Ozekman, killed at Elephant and Castle last week, was nowhere
    near a traffic light when she was run over. Rebecca Goosen, killed on
    Old Street, was almost certainly going straight on over the junction
    with Aldersgate Street, as her office was on Cowcross Street, so she
    is likely to have followed Clerkenwell Road at least to the St John
    Street junction.1 And Eilidh, killed at Notting Hill Gate, is known to
    have followed NHG all the way down to Shepherd’s Bush, and, in any
    case, is reported to have been on the right hand side of the lorry
    that killed her.­boris-left-at-the-lights


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