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  • The beeb article is victim-blaming crap.

    There is no evidence that the cyclists killed in London were undertaking.

    [FONT=Geneva,Arial,sans-serif][SIZE=2]Th­e beeb article seems like misdirection to me. There is evidence that a large number of HGV/cyclist accidents are where the lorry hits the back of the cyclist. The cyclist is not in a blind spot (which ought not to be an excuse anyway. Saying "I didn't see them" is an admission of bad driving) and the cyclist had done nothing wrong. [/SIZE][/FONT]

    Maybe a campaign telling HGV drivers not to drive illegal, uninsured vehicles, not to drive whilst drunk or drugged and not to drive whilst filling in their paperwork would be better.

    I don't think it's victim blaming. It's always hard to report on statistics that seem to suggest an unpalatable conclusion and I think the article trod the fine line very well.

    They are simply trying to find a theory to explain an observed pattern.

    As a side note: stats on HGV accidents - it's all the foreigners' fault!


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