• wow. here we go. another geek willy-waver.

    Mr. Smith will be along in a moment with his Naim, his vinyl and his Rega turntable.

    i'm here :-)
    the reality is i very rarely listen to music 'properly' these days and just purchased a new ipod

    fancy a better turntable but that's a few years away at the moment as i seem to be spending money on bikes, cameras and computers at the mo and the front room isn't a good shape acoustically and a bit small for the PMC's so no point going overboard on kit.

    i have a beresford dac in the front room but wouldn't mind a cheap usb/dac/headphone amp thingy for when working on the computer.

    EDIT: it a 90/92 pre power. the rega is standard apart from an acrylic platter and a sumiko blue point special moving coil. speakers are PMC tb2's


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