• I'm gonna head down there sometime next week, to scope it out and stuff, and then I'll have a definite plan.

    its ace so many people are keen already, I'm hoping to get involved in the races and renew my certificate, just need a few days on the water to remember how things work...

    here's a link to the place it is epcially awesome, consistant wind and massive:

    at pistaboy and the other surfers:
    as long as you don't mind my incredible uselessness until I remember how to surf/ get taught, i'd be keen for some trips down with other people.
    like skiing i find it dull on my own.

    @kboy yeah the uk is odd, approach a sailing centre and explain your level of experience and they should help, unless they are cuntish.
    usually you have to do a test for them, and then theyr'e all good.


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