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  • If it wasn't for the fact they've already taken the money out of my account I'd ahve cancelled the order and gone to Dotbike who are more expensive and also only sell the spokes I need by the box.

    Still I'd rather have given the money to another shop and will not be doing business with SPA cycles again.

    I would not have expected to be spoken to in the manner which I was whether I was irate or not.
    I should point out that I have been calm about the whole affair, I just want an idea of the delivery date for the products that I paid and ordered last month. Having the sales person hanging up on me because he couldn't answer my questions and he's "really very busy actually" and "doesn't have time for this" is not the kind of customer service that I would have expected and has tainted my shopping experience.

    My business will be taken elsewhere in future.


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