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  • I gotta say, I like the footage but its a bit readers wives,

    I enjoyed Mash because it was filmed very well and in a place unfamiliar to me but there is not much more you can do on a road, on a fixed. Unless of course one of you can promise that you will be revealing never before seen tricks.-and it is so 2 years ago.

    Theres no doubt that everyone involved had a great time but I just dont see what the film is adding...If I want to watch tom, dick and harry skid; I will go to one of the drinks and ask a more enthused rider to do one, or shout 'do a skid' to someone on the street, or go to trixiedix and watch people wear out their tyres.

    Skating videos worked because they were trick based and they showcased skaters and their skills, people like watching the tour and giro because their competitions. If the coverage focused on riders chillin wit their bikes, drinking beer, 'prangin' and riding 'for fun', people would stop watching it.


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