• I'm too tired to type up more stuff so here's a copy and paste from boards.ie:

    Today's trip:
    Slightly different then planned but it was nice to go along the Estuary Road from Malahide towards Swords.

    We came back straight via the old N2 road and then via Finglas with the rain and time constraints, rather than cutting down through the Ward and then through Blanch & Phoenix Park. The road between Swords and Ashbourne is nice, quiet country road with very little traffic, decent surface too. The old N2 north road is a bit 'ardcore though, they've obviously not resurfaced it now in years because of the new road, and its quite straight and exposed so the wind (and rain) was in our faces on that stretch.

    Add the 20km on top for me for the back and forth to Blanch, so 80+ km for me today, fixed. I didnt even break sweat. I could do it in my sleep. In fact, I was asleep. Also, I was so not sweating, I actually absorbed salty water from the atmosphere into my body, so there, blorg.

    Ah no, obviously I'm a bit wrecked after it, and once or twice on the mild uphill inclines, I felt a bit of a twinge in my shoulder, its still not right from the accident. The twinges throw me off my stride a bit, I can instantly feel my cadence rate (or whatever its called) dropping, its a bit frustrating. But hopefully in a month or so everything will be ok when the bone tissue is fully grown back into the screw holes. I'm a bit stiff now but feel pretty good. 62km in two and a half hours (we left at 1.25pm, I was back at Georges Street at 3.55pm) given that we had to stop at Sutton Cross as well for a puncture repair is decent going, I think.

    I got some video from my phone of us coming into Malahide, I'll youtube it later for el tonto's benefit. pothole_surfer has some pics but I dont think he's on this board.

    BTW dublinfgss.com is now live (Thanks Tiny!) so any fixie riders out there come on over and register.


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