• OK I'm so on for this, a medium to fast paced spin out into the countryside, probably three hours duration or so, maybe a short break at a halfway point, we'd back in the city centre by dinnertime for a bit of food and pints if people were into it, personally I would like to head to Cafe Bar Deli on Georges Street or the Italian pizza place on Parliament Street because after cycling loads I like a pizza and beer to refuel.

    Meet up at 1pm at the 'Last Supper' fresco in Mick Wallace's Italian Quarter ("Quartier Bloom"), just on the northside of the Milennium Bridge, off Lower Ormond Quay, between Jervis Street and Liffey Street. I think the restaurant on the corner is called Bar Italia.

    This is a potential route I made up - it takes in part of the east coastline, then cuts through North County Dublin at Swords, over towards the Ward, then down through parts of Blanchardstown, and into the Phoenix Park for town.

    So 1pm on Sunday at the Italian Quarter, we'll head off around twenty past.
    Positive / potential responses only please - yes dingo, we know your arm is fucked! :-)


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