• Who here knows about leather?

    Further to the excellent stuff done so far in this thread, has anyone ever tried to extend this to having the same leather on handlebars and toestraps as well? Partly to save dosh, but also because it might look really nice to have the same stuff all over the bike. Simplest question first; where do I buy it?

    What kind of leather would you reccommend? I suppose there might be a problem with the seat requiring quite thin leather while the toestraps should ideally be as thick as possible. Perhaps the leathersupplier can do several thicknesses/qualities in the same dye? If anyone has actually done this, what kind of tool did you use for the stiching bit? I remember seeing a step by step guide online before, but can't find it now. Lastly, what stuff to treat the leather with -if at all?