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  • They sound like they might work but ignore the 200ml suggestion and use 500ml+. The quantities of minerals in those sachets is double what SIS GO would mix down to, for example.

    Sachet: *Sodium chloride 350mg, Potassium chloride 300mg, Sodium citrate 580mg, Pre-cooked rice powder 6g. * Quite high in sodium


    80g: Energy 1300kj/287kcal, Carbohydrate 76g (of which sugars 13g), Protein trace, Fat 0g, sodium 400mg, chloride 650mg, calcium 45mg, magnesium 10mg, potassium 120mg.

    I buy in bulk here:

    after testing smaller quantities bought from bike shops or outdoors shops. £7.50 for 500g I think


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