• Thinking of cycling to Kilkenny the first day just under 120 km, camp there in a campsite in kilkenny.It has free showers and a camping kitchen so we can cook up a good feast.


    Then cycle the next day to the festival campsite 80km or so, nice and crusiey. Cos we'll have the bikes we can cycle into mitchelstown and eat out, buy shit loads of food and beer and brign them back to the campsite.

    I was looking the other day and it looked like the camspte was 4 miles away, but just today they've gotten the go ahead for camping in the festival site for free (as long as you have a weekend ticket)

    This is as far as I've gotten with the planning of this so far, just occured to me tonight :)

    theres a slight chance I might be able to score a working pass for the weekend, which would mean i'd be working down there but still interested in cycling down to it

    I'm open to suggestions for getting home too, we could spin down to cork, hostel for a night and then get teh train back up on tuesday morning, i'm easy