• My BB on my current frame is 4 cm higher than yours, but on my old frame it was around the same as yours, and I could hop just the same on it.
    BB height makes a difference to how easy it is to get the front end up by changing your balance point at the rear of the bike. What it doesn't do is magically give you a good bunnyhop technique if you don't have it already, I think the best I can manage on a track bike is just a shade under 2 ft, but on 24 inch/bmx I can still get close to 3 ft (I used to be able to hop over 3ft on my bmx and smaller mtbs) despite not having ridden one regularly for over a year.
    Its not about the bike its about the rider, sounds to me like you just need to practice with proper technique rather than continuing to try doing what you're doing, you need to relearn how to hop properly, check this out:

    YouTube - Bmx amazing clip of 90cm bunnyhop very slow motion

    Not perfect technique, but it gives you an idea, he should have travelled more upwards on take off as opposed to backwards (which just wastes energy) and upwards.


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