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  • ive got a herniated disc and a slightly misaligned L5-L4. my osteopath stuck in a couple of pins in there every time i went to see him. this despite me telling him it doesnt do anything. he did say that it doesnt work for everyone but there are others that feel genuinely relieved of pain. dunno why i kept on allowing him to do it though. i think i just wanted to get my moneys worth.

    @VV. dont think your point applies here. we know a lot more about the human body now compared to 2000yrs ago. and let's not forget the chinese are a very superstitious bunch.

    a couple of times my folks took me to a quack-healer. people still believe it to this day. their practice survived generations. it's all fckd up tho. centuries old practice based on centuries old bullshit.


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