• I've been wanting to put this out for a while and I've finally managed to draw it up since finishing my course. I'll be really happy if it's even half as popular as the last one (thanks to all therein). Anyway, it's a massive great quill stem on a t-shirt, available in three colours...




    In my opinion the quill stem is a thing of beauty. For this drawing I looked at the Nitto Pearl, which is arguably a perfected Cinelli 1A. I was tempted by the Nitto Jaguar deep-drop track stem but wanted to keep the top bar horizontal so the pearl seemed ideal. I like that a stem looks like a certain prime number. I then started thinking about keirin racing/gambling and the famously lucky number 7. It's not complex like my previous effort (see here) but it's bolder in its simplicity.

    For the font I looked at the equally bold Nitto logo...

    and came up with...

    (I'd appreciate any criticism from the typographic fraternity- PMs appreciated)

    The obvious colour, blue, was taken from the beautiful box the Pearl comes in. Nitto packaging is brilliant.


    The T-Shirts are all £14 each, including postage. 50p from each shirt sold will be donated to the forum. They'll be posted first class in a recyclable jiffy bag.


    The shirts this time are 100% certified organic 155gsm jersey cotton, in a 'classic' t-shirt fit. They are made sweatshop-free and use water-based ink. More about their environmental credentials can be found here. As this time I'll be printing white on darker colours, I was concerned about the opacity of the white ink. However, I've received a sample and the quality is great. The ink is thicker as you'd expect without being rubbery (see photo below). I don't think it will crack in the wash like some but I will test it. Those that ordered a Pedal t-shirt will I'm sure (I hope) vouch for the quality of the last batch. The design will be printed large as shown upthread.

    Men's sizes are as follows...

    Small - chest size 50cm

    Medium - chest size 53cm

    Large - chest size 56cm

    Extra Large - chest size 60cm

    (Note- these sizes are a little larger than last time. measurements are from underarm to underarm)

    Also available will be a women's slim-fit equivalent. It's a bit more of a standard loose t-shirt fit this time as requested. Please note that these are available in black and red but NOT blue unfortunately. here is a picture of what the fit is like. Please, please, please state in your order that you want the womens version!

    Women's sizes...

    Extra Small - chest size 42cm

    Small - chest size 45cm

    Medium - chest size 47cm

    Large - chest size 50cm

    Extra Large - chest size 52cm


    Please do a list as usual stating the following:

    forum name / colour / size (say if you want the women's version)

    Payment is by Paypal only please. After you've added yourself to the list please then PM me your order (forum name / colour / size) and full name and address and I'll reply asap with my Paypal account details. I'll reiterate it in my reply, but please attach a note of who you are to your Paypal payment so i know who to cross of the list!

    Because there are multiple colours and sizes, rather than a typical run in one colour, I need to take payment upfront before giving the printers the go-ahead. Naturally if anything goes wrong and it falls through I'll refund your money in full.

    I'll take orders up until Saturday the 4th July, at which point I'll sent the order off!

    Once I send the final order off they'll be ready within three weeks hopefully.

    Thanks a lot. I'll keep this thread updated with news and such.

    With regard to postage:

    I'm trying to charge the bare minimum for postage. Where big companies charge say a £3 flat rate for most parcels, which is quite a lot for small things but cheap for larger stuff, I have tried to minimise the cost specific to what is to be sent (t-shirts of course!).

    Out of the £14, £1.50 is budgeted for postage and packaging. This, in my experience, is the bare minimum. If I send two t-shirts the cost of postage jumps up a category both in weight and size of parcel. Therefore the price is £28, with £3.00 for P&P. However, a third shirt only adds marginally to the cost of sending. To clarify then:

    Prices including postage:

    1 t-shirt - £14
    2 t-shirts - £28
    3 t-shirts - £41
    4 t-shirts - £53

    I like to offer deals so that the you get a discount for ordering more than one, but I've instead decided to make them as cheap as is reasonably possible for everyone, not just those who want and can afford two or three. I hope this is satisfactory.

    Please note that shipping abroad is possible but will add slightly to the cost. It's not much more to be honest. I'll work this out according to the destination and order, so please PM me for details.

    Thank you.

    T-shirts arrived! They look ace, will get sorting ASAP...