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  • Didn't they do that female cycle clothes range in one of those highstreet shops? H&M?

    Oh yeah, has anyone checked out the Cyclodelic stuff? I haven't as I am unfortunately allergic to TopShop. I think it's more stuff for style rather than distance riding though? (though I might be wrong)

    I reaaaaaaaaaaaally love my Shebeest cycling shorts. Bought a couple pairs of other ones that are ok, not quite as awesome, but have one unopened in the package for £20 in you're in need? That's cheap to get you going!

    Ooh, I was eyeing up some Shebeest shorts the other day. Are they padded? I have a few pairs of padded ones but the thigh grip thingys on all the ones I have piss me off; for unpadded the Nike Drifit running shorts are damn good.

    I've not tried them myself, obviously, but some female riders I know swear by Pearl Izumi's women specific range. It's not full of the usual pastel colours either (although there are some);­=11&mode=category

    Cool, I've nearly bought Pearl Izumi stuff a few times but I am wary of their sizing after buying a pair of their shoes which were way off. I'm guessing it's probably available in bigger shops though so I might go do some trying on.