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  • Did you know if you search for 'women' on this forum (don't bother with the jokes, they're not going to be funny) you get a measly SIX results?

    Anyway this is all a bit bikeradar but I have decided I don't care. I normally just cycle in whatever but I'm doing Dunwich in a week and a half and have suddenly realised I have lost, given away, broken or thrown away pretty much all my cycle specific clothing bar two pairs of shoes, one Helly Hansen base layer and one pair of Corinne Dennis tights (because they are both awesome), so I am on a shopping mission.

    Share your tips on women specific cycle clothing. Brands, shops, sales, whatever.

    (And if people could refrain from posting that ridiculous Assos photo of the woman with her boobs hanging out of those ridiculously designed bibtights that would be good cos I don't want to get fired. Cheers!)