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  • whats the crime like in dublin?
    (its a blatant derail, but it was mentioned above, by someone I'm assuming is in the island of Eire)

    Ah, it's not too bad. As long as you follow the usual basic rules (lock your bike properly and do it somewhere reasonably public), you should be fine. As an earlier poster said, fixies don't really figure all that much on the Dublin thief's radar - which is not to say it doesn't happen - I'd be very careful with your geekhouse, but generally speaking you'd be more likely to have an mtb or road bike nicked.

    That said, (based on my amazing field research) we've finally reached the point where messengers on fixed gears are outnumbered by commuters with one trouser leg rolled up, so maybe the wind is about to change...

    Welcome to Dublin, eyebrows.


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