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  • ahleks, before you carry on digging yourself a nice little hole - did you read the nursery thread when you joined? just to refresh your memory this is what it says…

    Next up, jostling. Every forum has it's fair share of new members being initiated by the old timers by some friendly ribbing. But sometimes this can go too far, especially if (without searching first) you ask an oft-repeated, tired, or dumb question in your first post. It's not pleasant to watch new members get ripped to shreds, and really I'm doing you the biggest favour by forcing you to search first and look around before you ask... the guys here can be merciless towards the new, so say hello first and search thoroughly before you ask stuff. The result, yeah there's still some jostling, but not much, and the place is a hell of a lot friendlier for it and that is priceless.

    Quite a few of us have been on here for a couple of years now and at an average of 1 a week we get someone asking what bike should I buy, why do my legs feel funny, what are the very bestest tyres in the whole world, etc.

    it gets a bit tedious after seeing the same question for the 30th time which is why you're encouraged to use the search facility

    stop getting arsey, all you're getting is a bit of ribbing for not paying attention to an article you should have read, suck it up because you'll get loads more of it - but you'll also find a community which you can drink with, ride with, play polo with and who are very often there to lend a hand