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  • OK. Ahleks. Yes - silly.

    Before you jump to taking all our silly advice on which tyre is better (Conti)

    Remove your tyres,run your fingers round the rim, and inside the tyre checking for any sharp edges, maybe even replace the rim tape as a precaution - I rate the velox material stuff... while the rim tape is off, check none of the spokes are too long- if they are, file them down nicely.

    When you put the new tyre in- put one side on, then the tube - Pump it up a little (this helps avoid pinching the tube before you've started). then get the other side on- if it's stiff, face the wheel side on to you, and roll your palms across the top, while nudging the edges in.

    Make sure you pump up to 100psi or so, and if you do go straight at a curb, put as little weight as possible on the rear wheel as you do - this will avoid a "snakebite" or "pinch" puncture.

    If you find nothing wrong & If your LBS don't have Conti - head to Wiggle

    rim tape­Rim_Tape/4000000124/

    Push your numbers in. and get some tyres next day or day after.

    Tubes? Ebay have 5x Conti tubes for £15 or something.


    all i needed to know in one beautifully constructed post



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