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  • have you managed to drag yourself to the bike and find out what tyres you have yet - I ran Michelin Krylions and lithions for ages with no probs at all

    slightly intrigued as to why you feel that the cycle shop you went into had any bearing on the amount of punctures you had?

    wayne, its putney cycles, you and alex should ride together seeing as you live so close!

    I dont mean to be rude but how many times i get the picture
    so many people saying the same thing making this thread explode when it was solved in the first 5 posts

    let me sum it up
    conti gatorskins - buy them
    search - use it
    people - calm down

    only get a front one. get something more skiddy on the back like an armadillo or randonneur (rando's are 28c smallest though, the one i had on my bike before i got the 'dillo)


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