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  • Well done Stein! Our group (which included non cyclists) took over 6.5 hours!

    There were times when the pace was as slow as a critical mass ride and there were points where I had to leave the group for a bit - when I was cold or my gears weren't low enough or there was a bit of walking going on - but it was kinda nice to get away on my own for a bit cos it gave me a chance to cycle a more comfortable pace for a bit and chat with other riders and stop for coffee. Fair play to my brother and Adrian who supported the weaker cyclists so well - I did my best but when it came to walking I had to draw the line!

    Anyway our goal was to take it easy and finish together - which we did - albeit with the help of mobile phones! We all had a good laugh, a great day, and I came home with sore neck & shoulders rather than sore legs!


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