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  • Jeez guys you're being a little harsh.

    You have to remember, hipsters arent slaves to fashion, they are slaves to function, whether or not thats function as fashion is a separate issue.

    Skinny jeans are the perfect marriage of the streamlining of lycra and the durable riveted denim of workmen's & cattle wrangler's trousers (jeans). Its pretty clear that today's urban enviornment places intense demands on young trend setters.

    Squat/cafes often have poorly apolstered seats, easy to snag or tear your favourite pair of bibs/knickers but not if they are made from ruggid tried and tested heavyweight denim. But what if you are running late for a gallery opening? Fuck the art it'll wait (or can be ignored anyway) but the free plonk? It'll be gone. Thats why you need a track bike, focused for light weight and speed... brEAKS? They are just marketing and just SLOW YOU DOWN when you need speed. And what better way o shave precious seconds off you're coffee shop - studio run than with lycra... which we've already seen can't with stand the brutality of an urban fashionista's life... neh... lycra fitting jeans are the answer.

    I mean duh guys.

    If you are ride a fixie, brEAKless, with an aero helmet and AREN'T wearing skinny jeans you could be loosing 30 seconds a day due to wind resistance. Are you willing to take that chance?


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